Technical support

We support in right tool and equipment selection to solve the cultivation and harvesting issues. Also connect you with algae experts/advisors for the better support and results. You can check in products page to know more information about algae cultivation equipment / products and also request for the consultation.

Algae Academy

To make people more aware on algae, we conduct workshops, seminars and also crash courses for the students, research fellows and also start up entrepreneurs. By registering you will get updated notifications about our events.

Algae expert

Dr. Ambika is Algal ecologist and taxonomist, she has done five years of research on Diversity and ecological parameters on growth of subaerial microalgae, in tropical forests, Shivmoga, India. In five years of microalgae research, she has studied about subaerial algal samples from collection to microscopic method of identification and also the systematic taxonomy of microalgae. In total 110 algal taxa have been recorded in so far research studies. During and after the research she has been published articles on microalgae with peer reviewed journals like Algological Studies. Germany, Indian botanical Society, India and Phykos. She is now algal technical supporter/advisor/consultant, Author and Speaker in Germany. From past three years she supporting to the algal production companies as technical advisor/consultant.