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Algae are the diverse and potential organisms for the future economy

Algae is a group of ancient photosynthetic organisms ranging from prokaryotic cyanobacteria to eukaryotic microalgae. Algae are broadly classified as micro and macroalgae based on size. Macroalgae indicates large aquatic photosythetic plants and microalgae are unicellular photosythetic microorganisms.Algae represent a largely untapped resource among the biomass producing sectors of the world bio economy. The algae convert the nutrients into protein which can in turn to be feed the farm animals as a replacement to less sustainable soya protein.Algae are considered as clean renewable energy source as they do not cause pollution to the ecosystem.Biofuels,currently produced through algal biomass are bioethanol, biomethanol, biobutanol, biodeisel, biomethane, biohydrogen and bio-oil. .

About Us

We are algae consultants, and we support consulting-based algae projects. We have extensive experience in small scale to large scale algae cultivation, harvesting and algae-based products. We provide advice on Algae equipment, strain selection, Algae Nutrients and algae biotechnology.


To help small scale to large scale algae business or production to make algae commercialization easy, reliable and profitable..


Over 5 years of experience in microalgae culture, taxonomy and ecology, made me to work more on strain isolation, nutrient sourcing..


We provide complete support from algal strains, nutrition sources, production management to algal equipment. With algal experts..

Our Products


Technical support

We support in right tool and equipment selection to solve the cultivation and harvesting issues. Also connect you with algae experts/advisors for the better support and results. You can check in products page to know more information about algae cultivation equipment / products and also request for the consultation.

Algae academy

To make people more aware on algae, we conduct workshops, seminars and also crash courses for the students, research fellows and also start up entrepreneurs. By registering you will get updated notifications about our events.


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