About Us

Our Mission

To help small scale to large scale algae business or production to make algae commercialization easy, reliable and profitable. We are aim to provide all types of services like algae consulting, algae production setup, Cultivation equipment, algae identification and characterization, and algae products in one place.


Over 5 years of experience in microalgae culture, taxonomy and ecology, made me to work more on strain isolation, nutrient sourcing and utilization, production management, and harvesting. I was also asked by companies who need technical support and information source about algae. So we thought of to work for them to provide solutions through our services. We are working with algal production, algal cultivation equipment companies worldwide to provide best equipment to solve the cultivation problem and also for the sustainable algae products.

Why Proalgaetech

We provide complete support from algal strains, nutrition sources, production management to algal equipment. We have been being supporting start up to large companies by providing technical support throughout their production process. With algal experts we also educate students, research students through crash courses.