JUMBO Photobioreactor




The “Plug and Produce” line combines robustness and industrial production. The 285L JUMBO incorporates SALT technology and agitation which is soft and energy-efficient, and is designed to facilitate scaling up and assembly, whilst maintaining the same level of productivity.

Key features

  • SALT technology
  • A 285L chamber
  • Cleaning in place system
  • Food grade materials
  • Data collection via USB or WIFI
  • Control of light intensity, temperature, pH, dosing of gas and liquid, agitation
  • Cultivation in batch, semi-continuous, continuous
  • Compatibility: seawater, freshwater, brackish water
  • Corrosion resistant materials

Chambers :

  • 285L chamber
  • Made of 50 tubes

Controller :

  • Pilote the pH, light intensity, temperature, CO2 and air injection, agitation, and nutrient injection.
  • Composed of 3 peristaltic pumps, 3 debit meters for each chamber
  • Glass touch screen
  • Data can be downloaded at any time via USB or WIFI

LED: White

  • White LEDs offer the broadest possible light spectrum. It meets the needs of most microalgae. A single light channel is controlled using this configuration.




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