Astaxanthin Powder



How Astaxanthin supplementation enriches productive performance, physiological and immunological responses in laying hens ⁉️

🔹️Astaxanthin is a natural super antioxidant. Astaxanthin-rich Phaffia rhodozyma (PR) supplementation in diets on laying production performance, egg quality, antioxidant defenses, and immune defenses in laying hens.

🔹️With the prohibition of antibiotics, astaxanthin has become a potential green additive because of its natural, non-residual, antioxidant, and immune function. However, there are few studies on astaxanthin application in animal production.

🔹️The color of eggshells is mainly affected by the environment and physiological conditions of the laying hens. The eggshell color comes from vitellogenin, the precursor of which is carotenoid. In addition, the addition of astaxanthin delayed the decrease of the yolk index and yolk color. Therefore, it is speculated that astaxanthin can prolong the storage time of eggs

🔹️It suggested that astaxanthin-rich PR can be utilized as a feed additive to improve the immunity and antioxidant capacity of laying hens.


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